STASA - Air Picture Distribution and Display System

STASA is a component of the modernization programs of Romanian Air Forces. His destination is to automatically distribute and display in REAL TIME the information about air situation.

  • STASA is made from many networks, interconnected by LAN, WAN and leasing-line links. STASA software ensure the transmission, administration and screening air picture.
  • STASA complete the air picture by the integration of the information from different sources and made the distribution possible at national level.
  • STASA solve the data integration from analogues radars. This thing is done through Automatic Radar Data Extractor equipment - "EXRAD-2001".
  • STASA performs the multi-sources air situation data analysis and fusion - MULTI TRACKING process. The result is the single integrated air situation.
  • STASA software works on Windows based systems.
  • STASA is a product made as a system with an open architectural and with large possibilities of evolving and configuration.
  • STASA is a Romanian product, flexible, modular and compatible with the new needs and organized structures.

STASA features:

  • Process data received data from the following sources: digital radars, analog radars, IFF radars, ALENIA radars, ASOC system;
  • The digital distribution of air picture from a Central Dispatcher to the Air Force and other categories of military units;
  • The Air Picture Display on individual or collective monitors.

Features/technical performances:

  • Local / zonal air picture generation;
  • RAP/LAP distribution to national defense system;
  • Implemented data formats: Asterix (001, 002, 034, 048), IFF, Alenia, Form3 (proprietary protocol);
  • Number of managed tracks: minimum 1000;
  • Number of integrated zonal sources: minimum 12;
  • Air situation data reception timeframe: 5 ~ 20 seconds;
  • High availability (permanent operation mode: 24h/24, 7 days/7);
  • Multi-tracking feature - removing from notice parallel plots/tracks;
  • Air situation display on graphical display, with vectorial and raster maps support;
  • Situation awareness (alarms, synthetic information display);
  • Data transmission over IP or HDLC links;
  • Complex air situation simulation.


CPADD-A3X / SFP-A3X - Air Situation Data Processing, Displaying and Disseminating Equipment Type A3X- Zonal Sensors Fusion Post

Designed to create air picture for level 2 (multi-tracking CRC) based both on data coming from 5-25 local/zonal sensors and on air picture created at level 3 (ABONAT 4) and to display and distribute the air picture both to the Air Base level and to other external users.


CPADD-A4X / SFP-A4X - Air Situation Data Processing, Displaying and Disseminating Equipment Type A4X - Local Sensors Fusion Post

The equipment provides local air picture (at level 3 C2) based on data from 2-3 radars and sends it to the interconnected upper STASA Dispatcher or directly to the Central Dispatcher.


EXRAD 2001- CM(M) - Automatic Radar Data Extractor



  • Analogue radar video signal processing;

  • Plots automatic extraction and track generation;

  • IFF(secondary radar) plots reception and correlation;

  • Radar information (primary and synthetic video) display and transmission.